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Landlord Process

1Accurate valuation

With over 125 years combined experience in North-West London area, we have very good knowledge of the properties market value and we can achieve the best price for your property.

2Selecting an estate agent

Finding the right estate agent is not easy. We can fulfil your needs by arranging everything for you; we understand that people are different, therefore we have lettings schemes that will suit everybody’s needs. We are flexible and reliable to make sure the process runs as smoothly as possible for you.

3Consider Property Management

You can be worriless by letting us manage your property; we will take care of everything in regards to the property and the tenants 24/7.

4Presenting your property

After valuation, we can provide you advice of how to make your property more attractive to the customers. We can also provide price quotations from our builders, if you need to paint or fix anything in the property. On valuation day, we will also take professional pictures and we will create the floorplan as well.

5Preparing your property for tenancy

FREE Inventory made by Man & Co; FREE bills transfer into tenants name.

6Marketing your property

We are collaborating with many important and highly accessed websites like Rightmove, On The and others, therefore thousands of people will see your property every day. The best part is that we are doing this for FREE as well!

7Receiving an offer

When the tenants will offer a price for your property, we will straight away inform you about the offer together with all the details of each tenant, so you can choose the most suitable one.

8Offer agreed

In the moment that you accept the offer, we will check all the tenant’s documents (inc. Credit Score, Previous Landlord Reference, Tenant Database, etc), we will prepare all the documents like Tenancy Agreement, Deposit document, transfer of the bills and optional, we can arrange for cleaning and gas & electricity checks. Also, we will make the Check-In and Inventory for FREE.


In the contract starting day, we will release the key to the tenant. We will provide all the necessary details to the tenant and from now on, the property is let!